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I enjoy helping others first and foremost. I truly get my kicks by seeing other Merchants become a big success. I love it when people I've helped learn new things and grow! I love going the extra mile to ensure my partner's value my support.
I've counseled many business in how to grow thier businesses through the use of technology. I use Clover specifically to help Owners and Managers operate thier small businesses in a smarter way. Cloud Based, Customer Engaged, Social Presence!!
You can empower your employees to help your business grow by asking yourself what areas can we improve on. They can react to your customers demands by being ready to fill those needs. Your needs are driven directly by Customer desires!
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Clover Software is universal among all platforms. It is adapatble to your particular business needs. It is a Cloud Based, Android Based, Tablet Based Point of Sale System. It can be remotely managed from your smartphone as well as a PC and a Tablet. It is dependable and quick. I use this system to help small business owners organize thier inventory, track thier labor costs, keep up and market to thier Customers. It is also app based with a wealth of apps to help a business focus on thier Customer's needs instead of bogged down in business necessities. Quick, Agile, Fast Transactions!!